An old theme throwback

I have lost most of my stuff from when I was blogging ages ago, but I have at least one image of an old version I had: I remember I never did finish the navigation-part, but was quite happy with the rest of the design. I made it all myself, mostly in Photoshop and then dividing that into HTML elements. I remember thinking it was cool that I could pipe fortune to my page.

My journey to doom

It took me a pandemic to get back to blogging, but here we are. A long way back, I was getting into linux. I think I was around 14. A friend of mine knew some linux, and showed me a few things. He opened vim, and then he asked me to exit it. I tried a bunch of things to no avail, but just before he started laughing and was reaching for the keyboard, I hit c-z, and then kill -9’ed the thing.

org-mode + hugo = ❤

Hello world! I’ve been using org-mode for years and I write personal journals in it from time to time. I also dabble way too much in optimizing how I use it to actually be productive in it, but I digress.. I’ve read about blogging from org-mode and publishing that directly to static sites. I was intrigued, and I somewhat miss blogging, which I haven’t done in probably 10-15 years by now.

RSS test

A test category - that means RSS should not get this..